Information about Generous Support

How it works

Thanks for checking out Generous Support - a community where we hope to support local businesses during this tough time. Local businesses are struggling and the only way to support them and the jobs they provide is to shop from them in new ways. 

For retailers, it might be buying a gift voucher, ordering from their front window, ordering online & collecting or having them deliver locally. 

For service providers, it might be using their service online so you can continue to support them.

Let's dive in...

Top questions

Q: Where do I go to search for local businesses? 
A: You'll find what you need through the search on our homepage. We even have  map search.

Q: How do I list my business?
A: It's simple. Sign up on our site and add your listing here.

Q: What can I list? 
A: Our main categories show our initial ideas of how people can support local businesses. Buy vouchers, ordering to collect, local delivery or moving services online are all ways you can sell to people in a new way.

Q: What are the fees for listing on Generous Support?

A: It's free to list on Generous Support. We don't handle any payments for transactions on the site.

Q: What can be listed on Generous Support?

A: You can list anything that is classified as legal, safe and PG-13. Members of Generous Support can flag inappropriate or spam content and content can be altered or deleted at the discretion of our team. If in doubt about your listing, contact us.

Q: Help! I know I need to be selling online but have no idea!!
A: During this tough time, our team is here to help. Whether you need a quick, basic online store or a form to collect orders or someone to help you set up online vouchers, we're here to provide all the free help we can. 

Q: How do I support your marketplace or become a sponsor?
A: Oh thanks! The best way to support is through sharing posts on social media and asking struggling friends if they'd be open to selling in a new way. If you'd like to become a sponsor and financially support this free site, get in contact here and we'll chat.

Q: I've got another question...
A: Great! We're all ears!

Happy giving,
From Rich & the Generous Support Team